oneneoeno (oneneoeno) wrote in graaiiins,

Re-establishing the mobile phone system in Tapton

OK, Sarah has a generator. I've found a fuel can. There's a single zombie in the Crang building itself (that's the building which has the phone mast on it), and a newly dead one outside, but no other zombies within 1 block of the building (inside or outside). The nearest threat is the group of 9 zombies in Hibbert Place, 2 blocks north of the Crang bulding. We're not going to get a better chance at this.

First we need to down and dump that last zombie, then barricade the building solidly. I suggest we barricade as much as possible, and use the Sayce building next door as an entry point (barricading it to Very Strong). Once the barricades are secure, Sarah can set up the generator, and I'll fuel it.

I suggest we don't overnight in the building itself. If a large group of zombies notice its up and running again, it could become a target very quickly. Instead, leave yourself enough time to return here each night.

Anything I forgot? Objections?
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