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She knew she didn't have long.

Both shoes scraped against the floor, slipping against the blood as she shoved the desk against the door, grunting until it slammed against the metal with a loud bang. The moans still permeated the battered doors, however, and fingers poked through holes in the door... some bitten off, some half rotted, most stinking to high heaven. She stood there for a moment, both blue eyes looking over the door. It seemed like years ago when she sat inside that little hospital in Tapton, resting.

'Fancy a drink ma'am? You're welcome to join us.'

Van, you son of a bitch... why didn't I take the drink when I had the chance...

Flipping out her cell phone, she sighed. The raids had gone from bad to worse. And from the Necrotech Data, everything west had gone straight to Hell. "What we need," she mumbled as she tried to dial Van's number a second time to ask if he was around and reviving still, "Is to make an allianc--"

Another loud bang of the doors, and the desk was shoved aside as zombies swarmed the building. Shots were fired, but not enough to manage the massive army of rotted bodies that swarmed into the doors.


Even as she swayed in a puddle of fresh blood, morbidly still warm from her veins, she began to shamble off East ...

(OOC: Holleeeee shit, the place is swarmed. There used to at least be green on the map. Now it's mostly red.)
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